CTLVS Standards System

The standards system of the Chinese Timber Legality Verification System (CTLVS)is summarised in the table below. It includes both system documents and technical specification documents. The latter comprise the following four main elements, which are described in greater detail below the table:

  • Standards for defining legal timber
  • CTLVS operation guidelines
  • CTLVS implementation procedures
  • CTLVS audit guidelines.


Element of Standards System*

Object of Standardisation & Main Contents

System documents

CTLVS implementation rules

Sets forth provisions on the various aspects of CTLVS

CTLVS label management measures

Sets forth management rules on the use of CTLVS labels, including use of authorisation, conditions and methods for the use of labels

CTLVS dispute settlement mechanism

Sets forth mechanisms for the settlement of disputes

Management measures of CTLVS verification bodies

Sets forth administrative provisions on the accreditation of verification bodies

Technical specification documents

Standards for defining legal timber

Sets forth provisions and explanatory notes on the concept, inner meaning, connotations, scope of application, terms and definitions, principles, verification criteria and main indicators for defining legal timber.

CTLVS implementation procedures

With reference to the due diligence system, management measures on the implementation of CTLVS

CTLVS audit guidelines

Provides guidance for the auditors

CTLVS operation guidelines

Provides guidance for verification bodies in the application of CTLVS to conduct legality verification

*to be confirmed

Standards for defining legal timber

The table below summarises China’s legal timber standards, incorporating due diligence requirements and legality indicators with respect to forest management, supply chain and chain of custody.



Due diligence system management

Commitment to legal procurement; responsibilities and authorities; retaining of documented evidence; monitoring of due diligence system implementation; scope of due diligence system; supplychain and materials information; risk assessment; and risk mitigation; statement.


Forest management

Forest land ownership; legal registration; lawful payment of taxes; legal harvesting; environmental protection; community and workers’ rights

Supply chain

Legal registration; legal import; legal transportation; legal export

Chain of custody

Management system; procurement of raw materials; receiving storage of raw materials; processing; sales; timber legality statement

CTLVS implementation procedures

The contents of the procedures are as follows:

1.Purpose and Scope

2.Verification Basis

3.Verification Procedures

4.Verification Maintenance, Suspension, Cancellation, Retrieval and Change

5.Verification Certificate and Label

6.Information Bulletin after Verification

7.Verification Fees

CTLVS audit guidelines

The contents of the guidelines are as follows:

1. Scope

2.Normative Reference

3. Terms and Definitions

4. Audit Principles and Methods

  4.1 Audit Principles

  4.2 Audit Methods

5. Audit activities

  5.1 Audit Programs

  5.2 Audit Initiation

  5.3 Audit Implementation

  5.4 Audit Records

  5.5 Items not Complying with Observations

  5.6 Audit Report

  5.7 Audit Conclusion

6. Verification Methods

CTLVS operation guidelines

The contents of the guidelines are as follows:


1. Scope

2. Normative References

3. Terms and Definitions

4. CTLVS Operation Procedures

  4.1 Preparation

  4.2 Validation

  4.3 Label Application and Use

  4.4 Supervision and Audition

  4.5 Re-Validation

5. CTLVS Operation Guidelines for Enterprise

  5.1 General Requirements of Due Diligence Management

  5.2 Legality Criteria Indexes