1st Meeting of the Global Green Supply Chain Promotion Committee was held.


Photo by CINFT

On September 15, the Center for International Forest Products Trade, National Forestry and Grassland Administration (CINFT NFGA) organized the 1st Meeting of the Global Green Supply Chain Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as GGSC) in Chongqing. The meeting discussed the organizational structure, promotion route map and recent work arrangements of the GGSC Promotion Committee, and specially consulted the needs and suggestions of enterprises participating in the GGSC and the implementation path and working mechanism of relevant parties’ joint promotion of the GGSC.

The GGSC Promotion Committee organized 12 Chinese wood industry leaders to initiate the Global Green Supply Chain Initiative in Beijing in this June with the strong support of five institutions. These institutions, CINFT NFGA, ITTO, CTWPDA, China Green Carbon Foundation and the Forestry Research and Planning Design Institute of National Forestry and Grassland Administration jointly launched the GGSC Promotion Committee. The Secretariat of the GGSC Promotion Committee is located at the CINFT NFGA.

As a link of various stakeholders in the forestry industry, GGSC hopes to carry out the work based on the needs and difficulties of leading forest products companies. It is going to promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, strengthen the effective docking of the middle and lower reaches of the green industry chain, facilitate the low-cost and efficient allocation as well as diversified and differential application of global forest resources through the transmission of green production, green trade and green consumption concept as well as related capacity building services, thereby advancing the sustainable development of forest products in the world.

In the future, GGSC will carry out a series of activities to promote enterprises’ environmental awareness and ability, raise consumers’ green consumption awareness, boost the supply and demand docking of international forest products and improve information service activities for enterprises, and practice the green development concept, so as to make greater contributions for the sustainable development of the global green industry and the whole human being.