China and Russia to Jointly Combat Illegal Timber Trade

According to Sputnik news, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation stated that Russia will continue the constructive cooperation with China on reforestation and stopping illegal timber supplies from Russia to China. Mr Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister for Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, earlier stated that if Russia could not solve the reforestation problem, it might suspend timber exports to China. Kobylkin also suggested that China could build 10-20 seed gardens or reforestation zones. 

A ministerial level meeting took place between China and Russia on reforestation and measures to prevent illegal timber supplies from Russia to China. 

Both sides emphasized the need to standardize the cooperation in this field to protect the interests of exporters. 

In addition, the President of the Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land of the Russian State Duma highlighted the importance of China-Russia cooperation in combating illegal timber trade in all forms.