China Green Times: 2019 Top Ten Issues in the domain of International Forestry


Recently, China Green Times published essays assessing the top ten issues in the domain of international forestry in 2019.

10th The escalation of Sino-US trade war hit hard on the export of American hard wood  

China has been the largest market of American hard wood for a long time. However, the escalation of Sino-US trade war hit hard on the export of American hard wood. Related governmental institutions and parliaments of two houses emphasized that attentions should be paid to the impacts of trade war on small corporations and agricultural communities. Yet Trump government has not taken any substantial measurements. 

9th High frequency of extreme weather has severely challenged global forest health

Global warming caused by extreme weathers in 2019, especially climate change, has had great impacts on forest health and forestry industry. 

8th Planting 1 trillion trees is an effective way of adapting to climate change 

As shown by the research team of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), another 1 billion hm² afforested area is needed by 2050 to keep global temperature no more than 1.5¡æhigher than that of pre-industrial age.

7th China’s large-scale afforestation projects make the earth greener 

Based on the analysis of satellite data from NASA, a researcher team in University of Boston revealed that the green area on the earth has increased comparing with that of 2000 and before despite of the sharp decline of tropical rain forests. China has continuously implemented large-scale afforestation projects, with the increase of green area in China accounting for 25% of the total increase of green area in global context. 

6th CLT architecture materials have a large market potential

CLT is a new type of green architecture material. CLT develops rapidly in 2019, and is considered to have a large market potential.

5th Severe decline of global biodiversity is revealed by IPBES

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) published a report indicating that biodiversity decline caused by human activities have severely challenged global economy, food security, drinking water quality and the livelihood of human beings. This report has provided the most comprehensive assessment of global ecosystem services since 2005. 

4th Commodity supply chain with no deforestation caused has become the focus of global financing 

As “forest harvesting and degradation: strengthening EU actions” is published by European Union, major investment organizations in Europe have put more emphasis on the construction of commodity supply chain with no deforestation caused. 

3rd 2021-2030 is confirmed as ecosystem restoration years by the United Nations. 

As was released on 1st March in 2019 by the United Nations, 2021-2030 has been confirmed as ecosystem restoration years in global context to restore the degraded ecosystem extensively. 

2nd Policies have been promulgated by EU to facilitate the development of recycling bioeconomy

European Commission released new policies on December 2019, emphasizing that the focus of investment will be recycling bioeconomy and renewable energies in the future. 

1st Global forest fires has become a hot issue

In 2019, severe forest fires in Brazil, Australia and Indonesia have aroused extensive discussions regarding issues including deforestation from governments, environmental organizations and the civil society.