The State Council of China has introduced new policies to help companies survive COVID-19


A large number of companies in China have stopped or suspended production due to COVID-19. After containing the epidemic, China’s top priority is to stabilize employment, create jobs and support small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

The State Council of China decided that SMEs 
are allowed to pay less or even no endowment insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance during the epidemic stage of COVID-19. 

Premier Li emphasized that the measures increase protection for rural migrant workers and college students and that different provinces should cooperate in helping rural migrant workers return to their jobs. Preventing employees from returning to their jobs is forbidden except for jobs in COVID 19 high risk areas. 

Further, Premier Li underlined that government bodies at all levels should work to create more jobs for local workers and farmers, and more online recruitment opportunities for college students. Companies are also encouraged to provide products and services online, and more flexible jobs. 

Finally, government bodies at all levels are required to assist the unemployed by ensuring that unemployment insurance payments are paid on time and providing more temporary public welfare job positions. 

The measures will contribute to mitigating the negative impacts of COVID 19 on the Chinese timber industry given the large number of SMEs in the sector. 

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