Decision to ban illegal wildlife trade and the consumption of wild animals approved in China

On February 24, China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the 13thNational People's Congress (NPC), approved a draft decision on banning illegal wildlife trade and eliminating the consumption of wild animals to safeguard peoples’ lives and health.

The decision strictly prohibits hunting, trading, transporting or eating wild animals under wildlife protection laws and other relevant laws. Increased penalties will be applied for breaches of the existing law and the latest decision.

The decision also forbids eating "terrestrial wildlife of important ecological, scientific and social value," as well as other terrestrial wildlife, including wildlife that was artificially bred or raised. 

The non edible use of wild animals for scientific, medical, or display purposes should be strictly inspected and quarantined according to relevant regulations.

Moreover, governments at all levels, social organizations, media and schools should educate the public to develop healthy lifestyles and not to eat wild animals. 

Finally, governments at all levels should strengthen the inspection of wildlife use and ensure the enforcement of the existing law and the latest decision.

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