Easing of COVID-19 restrictions brings new market trends in China


Three new trends have emerged in China’s domestic market for timber products after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. 

Firstly, customers have started to visit physical stores again since May’s Labor Day holiday. Various promotional activities in furniture department stores during the holidays have successfully attracted large numbers of customers. Moreover, decoration workers have been allowed to enter residential blocks since the May holiday. This has reactivated China’s domestic furniture market. 

Secondly, e-commerce live streaming drove exponential growth in wood product sales during COVID-19. Companies have widely used Taobao live streaming to maximize sales. It is foreseeable that e-commerce live streaming will be one of the most important distribution channels for furniture and other wood products. 

Thirdly, health consumption has become a new trend. As public health concerns have taken center stage in China during COVID-19, Chinese customers have started to pay more attention to indoor environmental health and prefer to choose furniture made of pollution-free materials. As indicated by the Vice President of the Guangdong Custom Home Association, products that are able to address the customers’ health needs will dominate the future household furniture and appliances market in China. 

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