Steady growth for China¡¯s ecological forestry

Nanjing Forestry University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Social Science Academy Press (China) jointly publishedthe Report on the Development of Ecological Civilization with Chinese Characteristics and Forestry (2019-2020)on 29 May 2020. 

According to the report, the overall development index of China’s ecological forestry has increased from 31.57% in 2011 to 51.63% in 2017. This marks an increase of 64% and an average annual growth rate of 8.5%. 

Ecological forestry refers to the forestry activities that are carried out for environmental protection purposes such as the conversion of farmlands to forest. China’s Ecological Forestry Development Index is an indicator measuring the status of forest protection in China, the development of the forest industry and related technology as well as the management of forest parks. 

The report indicates that afforestation is the most important measure for ecological protection in China. The afforestation index has increased by 28%, from 2.75 in 2011 to 3.52 in 2017. Moreover, the index measuring the conversion of farmland to forests indicates that the conversion increased by 65%, from 0.31 in 2011 to 0.51 in 2017. 

According to the report, in the context of China’s ban on harvesting in natural forests, the tertiary segment of the forest industry is growing rapidly and becoming a major contributor to economic output from forests. However, China’s tertiary segment which includes forest tourism and forest health and wellness is still in the initial stages of development. 

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