China¡¯s new forest law officially implemented


The new forest law of the People’s Republic of China has been officially implemented since 1 July 2020. 
The new forest law has 9 chapters and 84 articles in total. The new law has strengthened six aspects related to forest management in China:
· It has a new chapter on forest tenure.
· It has introduced forest classification management, specifying that ecological forests and commercial forests should be managed differently. 
· Forest conservation has been integrated into the national economic and social development plan, with forest coverage and forest stock volume as important government performance assessment indicators.
· It has strengthened forest conservation methods. 
· It has optimized the timber management system by devolving authority over harvesting quota approval from the State Council to provincial governments. This change enables the local governments to develop harvesting quota according to local realities and helps the State Council to monitor the dynamics of forest resources. Furthermore, thetimber transportation permitting system has been cancelled. 
· Ithas introducedstricter  penalties for illegal harvesting and other activities that damage forest resources.
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