• China and Russia to Jointly Combat Illegal Timber Trade
    According to Sputnik news, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation stated that Russia will continue the constructive cooperation with China on reforestation and stopping illegal timber supplies from Russia to China. Mr Dmitry Kobylkin, Mini..
    READ MORE > 20.12.2018
  • Crackdown on Illegally Transported Timber in Guiyang hits new high
    On 9 November 2018, the Guiyang Timber Inspection Station stepped up its enforcement actions and set up several checkpoints to inspect timber products for building materials markets. The Station inspected every timber shipment and 3 shipments of illegally tran..
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  • Union of Formaldehyde-free Wood-based Panels Officially Approved
    Supply-side structural reform in the Chinese wood-based panel industry has further accelerated the elimination of backward production capacity. By the end of 2017, nearly 3000 plywood companies have been shut down in China. 621 fiberboard production lines were..
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  • Rosewood Imports Policy Updated in China
    On 20 November 2018, China’s National Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office announced the suspension with immediate effect of the commercial trade in specimens of the species Pterocarpus erinaceus from Nigeria and the genusDalbergia ..
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  • Green ¡°Belt and Road¡± helps companies to ¡°Going global¡± ¨C China and Mozambique signed the Forestry Memorandum of Understanding.
    Mozambique is rich in forest resources, and 90% of its timber is exported to China. Since China has the experience and technology to use resources efficiently, the Sino-Mozambique trades have brought increasing influence on Mozambique’s forest resour..
    READ MORE > 04.11.2018
  • Zhangzhou Forestry Bureau of Fujian Province severely cracked down on illegal timber transportation.
    Recently (In August), the Zhangzhou Forestry Bureau has improved law enforcement and frequently cracked down on illegal timber transport activities such as timber transport without timber transport license, timber transport beyond the transport permit prescrib..
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  • 1st Meeting of the Global Green Supply Chain Promotion Committee was held.
    Photo by CINFTOn September 15, the Center for International Forest Products Trade, National Forestry and Grassland Administration (CINFT NFGA) organized the 1st Meeting of the Global Green Supply Chain Promotion Committee (hereinafter referred to as GGSC) in C..
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  • EU, China and Africa explore ways to work together in their forestry cooperation
    At the International Workshop on China-Africa Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management, participants from Europe, China and Africa discussed synergies among green finance, China¡¯s engagement in Africa, and Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT).
    READ MORE > 24.05.2018
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