• EU and China agree on their 2018 cooperation under the BCM
    Source:EU FLEGT Facility in Asia China Project Office The European Commission presented on the FLEGT Action Plan and updated participants about the enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation. The presentation included examples of checks on furniture imports from..
    READ MORE > 12.03.2018
  • A Training Workshop Held in Zhangjiagang for Promoting China-African Legal and Sustainable Timber Investment and Trade
    In order to establish the exchange platform for policy and regulation and improve the health development of China-Africa forest product trade, the CINFT of SFA held the training session about promoting legal and sustainable investment and trade in China-Africa..
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  • World First: PEFC and CFCC Logos Together
    The CFCC and PEFC logos can now be seen together on a product for the first time in China, with the launch of Asia Symbol¡¯s ¡°Paper One¡± copy paper in early June.
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  • Smallholders in China See Fruits of Certification
    ¡°The forest was left to us by our ancestors. We should take good care of it. Only when we look after it can it look after us.¡±
    READ MORE > 02.03.2018
  • China adopts new forest certification regulation: FSC operations will continue
    FSC has received definitive clarification from China¡¯s governing forestry body and certification regulator that our operations in China can continue under the new national forest certification regulations.
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  • Bunun Tribe Becomes First Indigenous Community to Achieve FSC Certification in Taiwan and the Greate
    ¡°Forest and mountain are our home, it is where our ancestors and we live, where we hunt and will teach our children how to hunt. There is no reason for our Bunun people not to protect the mountains and forests.¡± With these remarks the assessment conducted by..
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  • FSC and WWF Promote FSC-certified Products in China
    FSC China, WWF China and the Japanese retail group recently co-hosted an event to promote sustainable consumption and FSC-certified products to consumers in China
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